April, 2015: THREE MUSES Release!

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An album of original music by Sophie Faught, Ben Lumsdaine, and Nick Tucker inspired by the paintings of Steven Sickles.

Every song in this collection is written for a specific painting by Steven Sickles. The paintings and the songs — together — create an immersive experience, an all-encompassing landscape rich in color, tambour, and perception. The album, a limited vinyl release, will also include high quality prints of all the paintings.

THREE MUSES is the record of a unique meeting of artistic minds, which plumbs the depths of the symbiotic relationship between sound and sight.

Listen to the title track, “Three Muses,” here:


The digital download is only $8 on Bandcamp!

Click HERE to download.

The deluxe vinyl package retails for $45, and here’s what’s included:

– an LP
– a custom stamped jacket
– nine 11″ x 11″double sided, full color art prints of the paintings of Steven Sickles
– a digital download with two bonus tracks

We’re only pressing 100 of these limited edition records, so get yours today! They’re always available at Indy Reads Books, and you can also pick them up at any of our gigs.




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